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Ever go back to your studio after lunch to un-sew a project?

Un-sewing: the result of you realizing you need to just rip it out & fix it

After all, this is art. When is it ever done?

Over the course of the next few months we’re going to be making our site easier to navigate, promote some of the newer products more often, offer more places for your creative input on our site as a community. Improving these features will let Pat communicate with all of you more as well as give you a better opportunity to see what happens in her New York studio. In addition to working on the web site Come Quilt With Me is building a Quilting Design Studio for Pat, located in Brooklyn, N.Y. Watching a quilt come together, getting a closer look into what it takes to run a quilting business, and behind the scenes photos of Pat’s life will all be available soon. Enjoy your summer filled with fun fabulous projects.

Come Quilt With Me
& Pat Yamin

718 377 3652 tel/fax

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